How do your days start? Is it a rush to get your kids to school then a race to get to work on time? Do you sit banging your steering wheel in traffic jams? Discover how e-bikes have transformed three morning commutes into moments of peace and tranquillity in otherwise busy city lives.

Meet Xavier and his children-carrying cargo bike

Xavier uses his cargo bike to take his children to school. Cycling gives him freedom and control of his time and movement.

Mornings are better by e-bike

“Pedalling on a daily basis is my decompression chamber. On my bike I can release my stress, I take the time to organise my thoughts. My bike allows me to see life differently. I am in control of my daily life, I can enjoy the city as I have freedom to go where I want.”

“An electric bike is less stressful, you will always take the same time for your trip, there are no more traffic jams. There is no time wasted looking for parking if you have to run an errand on the road. You will have a healthier lifestyle: you are more active, you consume locally, you rediscover your living environment.”

“Each journey to school is a moment of fun for my children.”

Amandie swapped her car for an e-bike

Amandie replaced her car with a bike and discovered that travelling by bike made her journey more enjoyable.

Mornings are better by e-bike

“I started cycling when my car broke down. In most cases, this kind of situation just means headaches, worries and anxiety, instead I quickly discovered that most of my trips are far more enjoyable when cycling.”

“For my daily trips, I prefer using the e-bike. it is fully equipped for everyday riding. Everything is fitted so it is always ready to go. It has mudguards, lights, a lock and a rack. I appreciate having the power of the drive unit. It gives me a smooth ride and I can go faster without sweating.”

“My work is only 5 or 6 kilometres away from my house but it means crossing the city. By bike I can follow the river. It is much more fun than driving and spending 15 minutes to find and then pay for a parking spot. I could take the bus, but my bike enables me  to be 100% free and flexible. We all know how plans can evolve when we meet friends.”

Discover the convenience of Antonie’s folding bike

Antonie is a committed cyclist who rides many types of bikes. His electric folding bike allows him to make the most of city living.

Mornings are better by e-bike

“I started cycling to school as a child. Since then, I haven’t really stopped, I regularly go mountain biking in the woods, or cycle to work on my bike.”

“I love the practicality of my electric folding bike, I am able to take it with me everywhere I go. I live in an apartment in the city centre, so storage wise it’s absolutely perfect. Thanks to the electric assistance, even long rides don’t feel tiring, despite the smaller wheels.”

Cycling allows me to feel fit, it benefits my mental health, saves me money and is eco-friendlier. Cycling to work is awesome. On my bike I am out in the open, enjoying nature and fresh air instead of being cramped up in a bus or stuck in traffic. Cycling gives me a moment of peace where I can clear my head and take a moment for myself before I start my day of work.”

See how our three new friends glide through the city on their e-bikes in this video.

Feeling inspired? Find the right e-bike to suit your lifestyle.

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