Moving around the city should be as seamless as we want. Amid all the activity, from the morning markets to the cheerful nightlife, the right bike can help you navigate your way out and back home. The city’s crowds and congestion can make us feel disconnected from our environment, removing us from that liberating sense of cycling with simple joy. Above all that noise, Orbea introduces a new way forward with an electric day-seizer/e-city bike: say hello to the Orbea Diem.

Rise above the crowd

Orbea’s powerful e-city bike turns getting from A to B into a simple joy. A classy e-bike equipped with our most powerful drive unit yet the EP801. Using this drive unit will allow you to effortlessly climb steep hills and enjoy controlled acceleration.

The Diem can come with our 1x9-speed SHIMANO CUES shifting technology, for a riding experience that’s 3x more smooth, 3x more durable and 3x more awesome.

The dynamic drive unit and precise handling make the Orbea Diem easy to slot into traffic, while the bright, wraparound lights automatically switch on to keep you safe. Rise above the crowd; don’t blend in. Unlike many urban bikes, Diem is available in 4 frame sizes. Together with various handlebar options to ensure you get your perfect fit.

Redefining Urban Mobility with Orbea

Elevate each journey

The Basque cycling manufacturers at Orbea pride themselves on creating high-performance bicycles. Known for their gravel, road and MTB bikes, they’ve taken their extensive knowledge of cycling technology and put it into a truly unique, high-performance city bike with a smart design that you can set to your own hand with Orbea’s signature MyO program.

Powered by a Shimano EP drive unit. We worked with Orbea to deliver a reliable e-bike connected to our extensive EU-wide network of Shimano Service Centers for maintenance and bike care with original parts.

A closer look at the Diem

Diamond Glide: The diamond at the heart of Diem's frame isn't just there to look great. This patented design allows the frame to flex vertically, absorbing bumps and giving a smooth ride on rougher streets. No maintenance, no fuss. Just glide through the streets.

Advanced Alloy Frame: Light and tough enough to shrug off city life's inevitable knocks and bumps. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow Orbea to enhance the design with invisible welds, reduce weight, and optimize frame rigidity. Balancing rigidity and weight is vital to improving handling and adding fun.

Carbon fork: Lighter and maintenance friendly. Using carbon fiber to manufacture forks helps absorb vibrations, save weight and add precision to steering and braking.

Secure Battery System (SBS): The SBS system securely fixes the battery inside the bike frame. As well as making the battery impossible to steal, SBS allows Orbea to design better-looking, slimmer, lighter, and stiffer frames, resulting in faster reactions and added control when you are zipping around the city.

Keep it simple 

Simplicity is key to reliability. Designing the components, accessories and frame to work together offers simple solutions that increase functionality and reliability. An example of this is the clever phone mount and integrated USB-C port so that you can charge when you are riding. Orbea’s Urban Equipment Ecosystem is a key part of this, offering a wide range of custom accessories and racks which are robust, reliable and easy to use.

Simplicity extends to Diem´s clean, cable-free cockpit that uses a simple, robust and adjustable clamping system for the handlebars stem. The result is a lack of distractions, a really clean look and a riding position that is easier to adjust.

Personalize it, test it, seize it

We are all unique. Our bikes should reflect that human spark in us. Orbea makes this possible with their MyO program. The MyO configurator allows you to build your Diem to arrive ready to fit into your day-to-day.

Check out the Shimano-equipped Orbea Diem 30 on our bike selector and test it at your local Shimano Service Center today.

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