Why compromise on your e-bike’s natural look and feel? EP5 integrates seamlessly with your bicycle’s frame to enhance your riding experience. Plus, it packs all the power and all the beauty—with a whopping 60Nm torque—into a slim, sleek, and smart design. Our new drive unit enables you to experience effortless comfort with our exclusive AUTO SHIFT algorithm.

Introducing our new precision powerhouse. With EP5, you can have it all.

Everyday adventure

With the right e-bike system, you capture life one moment at a time. EP5 takes you further, where the world opens up before you. That’s when you’re moving, connecting, enhancing that natural, intuitive feeling of cycling.

EP5 extends your reach with a balanced assist output. And with 60Nm of torque, EP5 places the rider at the sweet spot between sport and urban cycling. The power delivery is customizable, balancing performance and efficiency the way you want it. You’re in control. Comfortably.

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The comfort of cycling

With EP5, you can experience the comfort of cycling like never before with our exclusive AUTO SHIFT algorithm—our automatic shifting technology that monitors your speed, cadence and torque and keeps you in the optimal gear. Whether starting from a traffic light or going uphill, AUTO SHIFT allows you to focus on the road ahead and enjoy the ride without any distractions.

Comfort on the road is essential. That’s why AUTO SHIFT is integrated with the Inter-5e and Internal Geared Hub Di2 systems, allowing cyclists to experience a seamless ride that adapts intuitively to their pace and the city’s rhythm.

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Customize your ride with E-TUBE

The E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app allows you to adjust the assist character and AUTO SHIFT settings to your preference. You can adjust the power of the assist to be more aggressive or milder or adapt the timing of the gearshift to your preference.

This and many more personalization options make EP5 the ideal choice for all riders.

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Shimano E-Bike Systems

At Shimano, we are informed by a hundred years of experience in cycling engineering, which enables us to design an e-bike system that brings you the ideal balance of value, performance, and durability.

Shimano E-Bike Systems drive units come in varying levels of torque, expressed in Newton meters (Nm). EP8 and EP6 have torque in the range of up to 85 Nm and are considered very zesty, sports machines. Meanwhile, E5100 has a torque of up to 50 Nm, which can be seen as milder and gentler. EP5 falls right in the middle with a torque of 60 Nm, which means you can expect the best of both worlds. A bit of adventure in every urban journey.

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