Real door-to-door travel

The only travel solution that is really door-to-door. Just get on your bike and pedal to exactly where you need to be. No time wasted buying tickets or waiting on a platform.

How to simplify your life

Make your city more accessible

Visiting the small, independent shops on your high-street becomes a pleasure when you aren’t hunting for a car parking space.

Power to carry loads

With an e-cargo bike, panniers or a basket you can easily transport all your shopping, and you can park your bike right outside the door.

How to simplify your life

Cancel your gym membership

If you are cycling to work, riding to the shops and pedalling to the park then you are getting daily exercise without the need to pay for a gym.

Spend more time outside

Most people agree that fresh air and nature makes them feel better. Riding your bike everyday keeps you in touch with the changing seasons and the world around you.

Riding a bike is the solution to many of the stresses of modern life. It saves you time, puts you in control and probably most important of all, its fun. When you start looking forward to your cycle ride to work, or start making excuses to pop to the shops just to ride your bike, then you know you are hooked!

Discover how SHIMANO e-bike systems fits your riding style.

How to simplify your life

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