Why I ride

Everyone has their own reason for riding, on the surface it might be that a bike is transport, or exercise but dig a little deeper and the reasons get more personal.

We speak to architectural photographer Ben Moore about what his bikes mean to him.

A bike has always been a part of Ben Moore’s lifestyle, it's his transport and his way of staying fit and healthy. When it comes to his work as a photographer it gives him a new perspective on his work as he uses his bike to explore the hidden parts of the city that are hard to access any other way. 

Ben Moore

You never know what secrets the city is hiding. 

Ben Moore is a photographer and NFT artist, his work features architectural spaces, light and challenging unusual perspectives on the city. Moore uses his bike to travel deep into the city and find its hidden spaces. 

“A lot of photography is exploring, that’s where the bike really helps. I spend a lot of time researching, finding new locations. You need a bit of geography, a bit of curiosity. I’ve been to places that not a lot of people go. You’ve got to explore, go down streets you have never been down, see what’s there. You never know what secrets the city is hiding.

 I feel like you see certain things differently when you are on the bike. The bike helps because you are higher up than a car. On a bike you can stop and start, if you catch a glimpse of something good it is no harder than putting your foot down to stop and take a better look.”

My work is very architectural, I look for leading lines, for symmetry. I like to find angles on familiar buildings that are unusual, or find interesting takes on buildings other people might just walk past. 

I love to immerse myself in the city, using my bike to explore and access every part of it. 

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