Cycling should never feel uncomfortable, your bike should feel like a natural extension of your body that is easy to ride and control. The first step to loving your bike is finding the right fit. Follow our tips for setting up your bike so that every ride is fun, joyful and inspiring.

Getting the perfect e-bike fit

Choose the right style for you

Bikes come in a huge array of styles so part of feeling comfortable is choosing a bike design that fits with your body and the type of riding you want to do.

If you have lower flexibility and want an upright, relaxed view of the world as you pedal try a step-through frame. The low frame design allows you to gently lift yourself into the saddle without having to lift or swing your legs so is ideal for anyone with hip, back or leg mobility problems.

Hybrid and commuting bikes have a higher top tube so jumping on your bike means swinging your leg behind you. Once on your bike there is a gentle reach to the bars with a little more forward lean than on the step-through style frames.

If your main cycling goal is to be fast and increase your fitness then your bike position is likely to be lower and more stretched out, which requires you to have good flexibility and strength in your torso.

Getting the perfect e-bike fit

What determines your bike fit?

Bikes come in different sizes, once you have decided the right style for you the next consideration is finding the right size.

Your height, and the proportions between your leg length and upper body can determine both the size of your bike and how to set it up. Saddle height is important to protect your knees and ensure that your legs are in the optimal position to apply power to the pedals.

As well as the physical shape of your body your riding position may be affected by how flexible you are, especially how much you can bend in your lower back and shoulders.

A more upright position on your bike can give you a clear view of the road without needing to tilt your head and puts your upper body into a relaxed, easy riding position.

Getting the perfect e-bike fit

Customise your bike

Saddles are a very personal choice so it can take some time to find the right one for you. Saddles are designed to be gender specific.

Female riders generally prefer shorter, wider saddles that support their sit bones and provide cushioning at the front. For some women a cut-away saddle can completely transform their cycling experience.

Male riders can find saddles with a gap or groove that can relieve the pressure on the perineum that can lead to penile numbness.

The position of your shifters and controls and the width of your handlebars can affect how relaxed your hands, arms and shoulders feel. They are easy to move and your mechanic can help to put them in the best position for you.

You can also choose accessories for your bike such as bottle cages to carry water, luggage racks or bags and handlebar mounts for your phone to ensure everything you need to enjoy your ride is close to hand.

Getting the perfect e-bike fit

Make your bike more comfortable

Did you know that changing your tyre pressure can change how your bike feels to ride? Every tyre has a range of pressure that you can inflate it to and your tyre pressures need checking before you ride.

At the upper end of the scale your tyres will feel hard and your bike will roll faster, but you will notice the bumps a little bit more. Softer tyres can aid with traction if you are riding on loose gravel surfaces and ease out the rough sections but on smooth surfaces will make your bike less efficient.

If your bike has suspension make sure that it is set up for your weight, your riding style and the surfaces that you are cycling on as this can make a huge difference to how your bike feels and performs.

Getting the perfect e-bike fit

Get expert help

Whether it is choosing your bike style, improving your comfort on the bike you have or upgrading parts, one of the best places to go is your local Shimano Service Center  for the best cycling advice.

Find your perfect bike fit and feel ready to ride!

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